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Learning to ride

New York

Most of us still remember that defining moment when it just clicked, and we were able to keep our balance on two wheels for the first time. We had a chat with New York native Simi Mahtani about learning to ride a bike in her early 20’s and how unlocking the secret of cycling developed into a passion.

Mike Rodriguez has both yours and your bike’s best interest at heart. We went out to his Brooklyn shop “Bicycle Station” for a chat about his 30 years in the bike business, and ended up on one of the most unique rides we’ve ever been on.

Tiffany Tu

New York

Ever since she moved from China to the Big Apple at 11 years old, Tiffany Tu has been an eager cyclist. After living in this city for 12 years, she is now well known in the cycling community, as both a Rapha ride leader and a track racer. We spoke to her about passion and cycling.

Taliah Lempert

New York

Is Taliah Lempert a cyclist who paints, or an artist that cycles? According to the New York-based artist, the correct answer is “an artist that cycles”.

Maglia Rosa is a hidden gem. With its excellent cappuccinos it is one of New York’s few bicycle cafés – and it’s definitely worth a visit.

I’m keen on making my own energy bars to stuff in my kit pocket for long rides ones that aren’t processed with ingredients I can’t pronounce.

The athlete

New York

Riding in New York has made Alaina Sullivan a more curious cyclist. We had a chat with the graphic designer about riding in New York, the commitment of competing and the love for commuting.

Bone dry

New York

It rains in New York an average of 122 days a year. For cyclists, it comes with the territory.

Our belief is that the best way to explore a city, or a neighborhood for that matter, is by bike. Luckily for us, Brooklyn Bicycle Co shares our belief. So when we met up with Ryan, president of Brooklyn Bicycle Co, he took us on a ride around the neighborhood that inspired him to start his brand back in 2011.

Deco Goodman

New York

An industrial designer, recycling advocate and keen cyclist, Deco has crammed twelve bikes in to his Brooklyn apartment with each designed for a specific style of riding.

In 1994, the Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer was looking for a way to showcase his city’s greenways, promote healthier lifestyles and encourage people out of their cars. He teamed up with bike advocacy group Transportation Alternatives and launched the Tour de Bronx with a strong contingent of 300 riders. Today, it’s the largest free cycling event in New York State with over 8000 participants.

His philosophy of learning by doing and never cutting corners has made Johnny Coast into one of the most inspiring modern American framebuilders.

The streets of New York is filled with cyclists. Every corner you turn you will find them, one style after another. In true Bikevibe Tokyo style, we decided to bring back the original street view gallery, since it was the reason we started this journal in the first place.

Zach Thompson

New York

Zach Thomas contends with more than most out on the road, steering what looks like (and probably is to the unskilled) the most unwieldy choice of two wheeled beast through the vehicle-clogged streets of New York - a cargo bike.

A veteran racer, community organiser and founder of the Professional Messenger Alliance, (PMA) along with running his own courier company, Kevin ‘Squid’ Bolger is somewhat of an elder statesman of New York’s messenger scene.


New York

Darnell Williams, aka dblocks is an infamous cyclist based in NYC. He rides in a style that he calls “street riding”, a style he says was inspired largely by ‘Rough Ryderz’ videos, coupled with a desire simply “to be different.”

The couriers

New York

Riding fixed-gear bikes, no helmets, d-locks tucked into belts and wide messenger bags slung over shoulders.

Track or Die

New York

“I’m not telling you to run a red light, that’s all on you,” Shardy Nieves says with a conspiratorial smile, as he kicks back on the steps of New York City’s MET Museum.

More and more people are discovering the wonders of riding over Williamsburg Bridge – and after using the bridge to get from Brooklyn to Manhattan almost every day for a week, we definitely understand why. Here is everything you need to know about getting from A to B using this iconic piece of Brooklyn history.

New York City has undergone a rapid transformation over the past decade, building almost 650 kilometres of new bike lanes, quadrupling ridership and creating a bike-share system with over 14 million trips per year.


New York

All you need to know about the New York bike hire scheme.

If there is one thing you need to know before getting on a bike in New York, it is to “bike smart”.

718 Cyclery is what every great bike shop aspires to be: adventurous, independent and inclusive. Founded in 2008 by architect Joe Nocella, 718 Cyclery is all about building a sustainable community of bike-mad Brooklynites who wrench, learn and ride together.

In 1971, a little company called Cannondale set up shop above a pickle factory across from the old Cannondale train station in Connecticut.

The Red Hook Criterium began in 2008 as an unsanctioned night race between fifteen friends through a former industrial neighbourhood in Brooklyn.

For firefighter and former pro skateboarder Mike Hernandez, crashing while riding his track bike is not even an option. We had a chat with him about speed, danger and riding in New York.

Helping New York get more butts on bikes, Sam Polcer published the book; New York Bike Style and runs the street style blog Preferred Mode. We talked to Sam about scouting models on the move, connecting to surroundings while riding and inspiring more people to get on a bike.

If there is one word that will describe the NYC Bike Polo scene it is “community”. We attended a Sunday meet-up and got to know what bike polo in New York is all about.

Rapha Cycling Club Coordinator Ed Nessen wants you to discover how easily you can escape the urban landscape of New York.

Look beyond!

New York

From a hospital bed Kenny Kim designed the foundation for his clothing brand God & Famous. Six years in, the one-man label is still super excited about fashion within cycling.

When I suggest that being a bike messenger might be a desirable way of life, Gabe Filandro is adament: “A bunch of messengers out here created a scene, but it is definitely NOT a lifestyle. To guys out here hustling in rain, sleet or snow for their families, being a messenger is a job.”

Thomas Callahan never went to school to learn how to build bikes and believes you can learn just about anything if you put in enough time and effort. “I worked on my first bike for a year, when I could have taken a two week class, but the time I invested is so much more valuable as you learn by making mistakes.” Thomas recalls.