Bikevibe is a semiannual city journal that aim to portray cities from cyclists point of view. Here you can browse all issues.

Bikevibe London

Bikevibe London
Volume five
Spring 2017

London is big, rough and chaotic. At the same time it is also sweet, proper and filled with great traditions. In terms of cycling culture London definitely has a lot to offer– and maybe the city isn’t as unfit for cycling as you may have heard. One thing's for sure – cycling in London is going up from here.

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Bikevibe collection

Bikevibe collection
Vol. two, three, four & five

Want the whole collection? Get the latest issue Bikevibe London together with all the back issues Bikevibe Oslo, Bikevibe Portland and Bikevibe Milan all in one - GET 25 % off.

Unfortunately our pilot issue, Bikevibe Tokyo, is sold out world wide, so this is not included.

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Bikevibe Milan

Bikevibe Milan
Volume four
Fall 2016

We decided to do the Milan issue with the intention of showing the root of cycling history. Although it was a bit different than I first expected, you cannot argue that Milan houses some of the most influential people in cycling.

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Bikevibe Portland

Volume three
Spring 2016

Portland is known for its beautiful surroundings, eco-friendliness and coffeehouses. But most of all – Portland is known for its strong bicycle culture and is slowly growing into becoming the bicycle capital of the USA.

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Bikevibe Oslo

Volume two
Fall 2015

The bike interest in Oslo is growing as we speak and it is happening despite the lack of facilitation. It's was only natural for us to follow up the Tokyo issue with Oslo. Welcome home.

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Bikevibe Tokyo

Volume one
Spring 2015

Tokyo is one of the largest and most populated cities in the world. Nevertheless, most residential neighbourhoods have their own unique small town feel, like Shimokitazawa, where we spent two weeks in August 2014.

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