Bikevibe is a Norwegian based journal documenting cycling culture in cities all over the world. Current issue Bikevibe Helsinki.

First it was Bikevibe Tuscany, then Bikevibe Northern Italy and finally we ended on Bikevibe Milan. The naming process of this issue has been as complicated as the issue it self, but in a good way.

Combining two of Italy’s national treasures, bicycles and wine, Ciclosfuso might be the world’s first bicycle wine bar.

Bici & Radici: Saving the environment, one wheel and one plant at a time. Sometimes an idea comes from the heart. And when it does, it is noticed.

A love story


I Want a Wheel (Voglio Una Ruota) tells the love story of women and bikes, but it is far from a romantic film. Instead the documentary is taking an important look at what cycling has meant and still means for empowering women worldwide.

“We wanted to create a place where people could chill out and have a good time. And I think we succeeded”, Gianluca Massimo says about one of Milan’s cosiest bars, Crank. This is the story of how we first met.

My name is Thomas Flått and I’m a freelance cinematographer and photographer from Oslo, Norway. I went to Milan for two weeks in May 2016 with the Bikevibe-crew to shoot the page-preview films for

My name is Mattia Distaso. I’m a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. I live in the Milan suburb Cinisello Balsamo but every day I travel to the city centre to work in my studio located in the Isola district. I ride a customized Minivelo single speed LERI (LEopoldo RInaldi Bici1898).

My name is Samra Avdagic and I live in Oslo, Norway. I’m a design student at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design and I work as a freelance illustrator.

They say that the rivalry between Gino Bartali and Fausto Coppi was seen as a metaphor for the political and social division in post-war Italy. The cyclists were the legends of the time. A rivalry and a friendship that set a fire in the heart of Italians, even today, some 60 years later.

Francesco Moser retired from professional racing in 1987 and turned to his family tradition of producing wine. Before that he was known as ‘The Sheriff’, winning a total of 273 road victories throughout his career. We took a tour of the winery where the same passion and determination now is one of the key ingredients in creating top of the line wine.

Coffee and cycling is a traditional and much welcomed combination. Here Marius Nilsen talks about coffee and cycling - traditions and trends - whether it be long or short rides.

Ricky Buckenlei, (former)European Marketing Manager of Rapha, have travelled all around Europe scouting routes. It was therefore only natural that we asked her to share her favourite route in Northern Italy.

History lives and breaths in the walls of the Masi shop located at the Velodrome Vigorelli. If you are interested in Italian cycling heritage, a visit is worth your time.



Get on your (borrowed) bike and discover Milan. The best way to discover a city is, without a doubt, by bike. With bike sharing systems popping up at every corner, going exploring has never been easier. The bike-sharing system in Milan is not just for visitors though.

It theory, Milan is the ideal city for cycling. We took a look at how theory is put into action.



“Modern means contemporary and current, but contains a flavour of the past”, Ultracicli says. “At the same time modern is avant-garde and old school”.



Passoni’s frames are bespoke: unique and customized by hand. They only make 300 each year, spending up to 40-45 hours on each frame. If you are willing to spend a nice bundle of money on getting the perfect bike, it can be yours in 8-12 weeks.  Everything is done in-house, in an anonymously looking warehouse just outside of Milan. When you walk in though, it is far from plain. The evolution of Passoni decorates one wall, while another being graced with a large-scale picture of a mountain landscape. 

After 30 years in the business, Dario Pegoretti is not afraid of being a rule-breaker. NB: Dario sadly passed away after this article was published. He will be sorely missed.

Photographer and athlete Andrea Schilirò does what most of us only dream of doing. He prioritises to have fun.

They are fast and they are passionate. Meet Italy’s first and biggest bike courier company, Urban Bike Messengers.

Fabrica Cycles are young and they are determined. Welcome to the new generation of high technical self-taught frame builders.