Thomas Flått

My name is Thomas Flått and I’m a freelance cinematographer and photographer from Oslo, Norway. I went to Milan for two weeks in May 2016 with the Bikevibe-crew to shoot the page-preview films for

Text edit: Silje Strømmen
Portrait: Mari Oshaug
Photos: Thomas Flått

During our stay we mostly hung around the Brera and Isola areas. We spent most of our time on citybikes, discovering new parts of the city, and Brera and Isola are really great areas to have as a starting or end-point when out and about in the city.

How does bicycling effect your everyday life?

Bicycling is a big part of my daily routine. As longs as its not raining I use the bike to go wherever I need: to hang out with friends, to get to work, meeting and school. As I don’t have my own bike I have been using the bike-share system in Oslo for years now. Maybe I should get my own soon.

What is your opinion on Milan as a bike-friendly city?

Milan has a great history of famous frame-builders and some of the best riders in the world are from Milan. I have mixed emotions about Milan being bicycle friendly. I think they once had a really good culture, but now the city has been overtaken with taxis and cars. During our stay we talked to some locals about it, and they told us that you need to know the shortcuts around the city in order to make it really bicycle friendly.

Tell us about the concept for your photo series.

The concept of my photo series is to show the people who are using bikes in North Milan: from the guy who delivers pizza, to the financial district people, young people and old people. All my photos were shot while we were on the bike around Milan.