Bikevibe is a Norwegian based journal documenting cycling culture in cities all over the world. Current issue Bikevibe Helsinki.

Velocio Apparel debuts film on the challenges of sustainable bike clothing.

Dapa Maps


“Why don’t we take better advantage of all the nature that surrounds us?” That was one of the questions that good friends Daniel Andersson and Pavel Sagen asked each other. The idea of making a map was born in the fall of 2019 and the work intensified in March of 2020 when the Corona virus hit. 

Who owns the roads? People do; not just people in cars. Carlton Reid, executive editor of devoted four years of his life to research and write the 170 000 words that make up his book “Roads Were Not Built for Cars”.

Last Sunday the cyclists arrived in Paris for the finale stage of the 103rd Tour de France. We were there to experience the event up close and to get hands on with the cycling enthusiasts. The Tour holds an amazing history and they sure know how to put on a show, but it amazes me that there is still a difference between the women's and the men's race.

Discover why one gang of bike enthusiasts continue to come back to Amandola, a small Italian village, year after year.

In March, Bikevibe visited Sheffield, in the north of England, for the Outdoor City Festival. For a weekend the city centre is taken over by a whole range of activities set to showcase all of the amazing outdoor life that Sheffield has to offer, and with the vast natural playground that is the Peak District a stones throw away (you can see the hills tempting you in any direction that you look) it certainly lives up to the name.



In the early days the Lady Gang Facebook page declared “Bikes, feminism and gin for all.” Who could resist a tagline like that? Now a few months shy of it’s 2nd birthday and the Lady Gang has strong core group and almost 200 members - badass, empowered women.

Helmet Hair


Lets talk about helmet hair. For so many of us, showing up to work with hair that looks sweaty, messy and flat is just not an alternative.