Bikevibe is a Norwegian based journal documenting cycling culture in cities all over the world. Current issue Bikevibe Helsinki.

What does tweed and bicycles have in common? Everything. Since 2009 people have been gathering in the spirit of traditional British cycling garments and classic vintage bicycles. The Tweed Run has become an annual event with major sponsors and in October 2014 it was held in Tokyo. We talked to Satoshi Kaga, who attended the run for the first time.

He’s an editor, writer, experienced urban cyclist and internationally recognized authority on cycling. He lives Tokyo, love cycling and believes any city is better when experienced by bicycle. Maybe that is why he owns a total of five bicycles, all for different purposes? With age however, he has become less concerned with the bicycle and more focused on creating biking friendly cities. Meet Byron Kidd, the man who wants you to get on a bike and go exploring.

In 2002, Ichiro Kanai founded tokyobike, a small, independent bicycle company, in the neighbourhood of Yanka in downtown Tokyo. Here, Ms. Azusa Nagazhima, CEO member of the tokyobike board, explains why the unique design of the bikes is so suitable for the streets of Tokyo.

The area of Shibuya is well known for being the first out with the latest fashion, teenage trends and nightlife. What many don’t know is that Shibuya is also the home to one of the first schools for bicycle design. This February, The Tokyo College of Cycle Design presented their first graduates of the Bicycle Creation Course.

Cycling lanes and infrastructure is popping up all over Tokyo at an alarming rate. Although it is both surprising and encouraging to see such high levels of commitment for implementing bicycle lanes around the city, poor design is causing what could be one of the best cycling infastructures in the world a wasted opurtunity. Here, Tokyo native Byron Kidd gives you a round up of some of the cycling lanes you’ll find around Tokyo.

Once you get on a bike in Tokyo, you will be surprised over how well your fellow commuters understand your needs and how aware they are of bicycles in the townscape. However, there are some rules you need to play by (although they are rarely actually enforced by the police).

The streets of Tokyo is filled with bicycles. Every corner you turn you will find them lined up, one style after another. We could not help our love for bicycle design, and ended up with over 500 pictures. Since these pictures were the reason we started this journal, we thought it would be a nice ending this issue as well. This is the street view gallery.