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After experiencing overwhelming response for our second issue, Bikevibe Oslo, it was time to dive into a new city and its bicycle culture. We considered several different cities, but there was something about Portland that stood out.

“Little red wagon, little red bike, I ain’t no monkey but I know what I like.” Is there anything better than bicycles and Bob Dylan records? Rivelo-owner John Bennet certainly don’t think so.

Tilikum Crossing is the largest car-free bridge in the United States. Opened in September 2015 it is a monument to Portland’s evolving relationship with biking. With its length of 520 meters, the bridge, named after the local Chinook word for people, is beautifully constructed in concrete and white steel with a characteristics cable-stayed design. It is truly a joy to ride over.

Gladys Bikes aim to make you as comfortable as possible when riding your bike, and gives an extra nod to the female population by being women-focused. But don’t worry, everyone is welcome - and you don’t even have to like the color pink.

Bri Gomez lives and breathes bicycles. We met up with (or rather chased down) the 27 year old in order to better understand what it is about bicycles that have captured her interest and to get to know her crew (that is not a crew) a little better.

The streets of Portland are filled with bicycles in all shapes and colors. From old classics to new fresh designs. This is some of the bikes we passed.

My name is Amy Danger and I’m a foreman. I ride exclusively fixed gear, unless I’m traveling abroad with my folding bike.

On the Brew Bike, Charles Wicker can brew 10 cups of coffee every 4 minutes. And the taste? Nothing less of perfection.

Bicycle schools are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. For many it is the self-realization dream that makes them enter: the desire for owning a bike they themselves have built, or simply wanting to be able to fix their own bike. For others it is a career path.

Has Portland succeeded in becoming a bicycle city? We try to answer the question by looking at the past and the present.



The name of Portland’s new bike share system gives a solid nod to Portland’s ambition of becoming a world-class bicycle city.

In 2030, Portland wants to see bikes everywhere. This is how they are going to do it.

The balance


At The Vanilla Workshop it is all about the balance, whether it being how the rider balances over the bike or how design and fabrication fit together. Join us in taking the tour of the Vanilla Workshop and discovering what a custom built bike is all about.

The Walnut, the leather and the bike: A story about the beauty of a handmade product.

When you arrive at Portland PDX airport you will notice the carpet. First of all, there is a carpet (not too common, is it?). Second of all it is green and covered in yellow, blue and red stripes, and if you look really closely you will notice the small yellow dots.

Some of the best encounters are quite accidental – like a person saying “so, do you have to be somewhere now, or would you like to say hi to this really cool wheel builder?” and you go like “oh, I have time” - and end up in a three hour chat with a really amazing woman. That is how we first got to befriend Jude Kirstein Gerace – and now you will too.

Portland has one of the highest gender splits in the US, with a 35 % gender split among commuters. We asked some of the amazing women we met in Portland to share their thoughts on women and biking.

Good food, good rides, good coffee, good photography. Do you really need anything else in your life? Adam Kachman surely doesn’t think so.