Street View Gallery by Even Suseg

My name is Even Suseg and I work as a freelance graphic designer and photographer. I live at Sagene in Oslo and ride an original Crescent - “The world champion bike”and a DBS Winner, single speed.

Text: Mari Oshaug
Photos: Even Suseg

As long as there are plus degrees in the air, I bike everywhere. I use the bike as my way of transportation both privately and for work. I work freelance and have a small office, so I normally take my meetings outside of the workplace.

Due to my restlessness my friends all think I have ADHD. For me, there is no greater freedom than to use the bike to move quickly from one place to another. You get to see a lot, it’s friendly to the environmental, it’s exercise and I get to vent my head and reduce the level of stress that is often associated with a busy everyday.

In terms of facilitating for bikes and bicycle lanes, Oslo has been slow. Some places it’s just impossible to bike, while the areas that has gone through rebuilding over the past years have been more welcomed towards bikers.

At the same time, the places that lack facilitation give me the freedom to play around more. One should of course follow the traffic rules, but due to the lack of facilitation in some areas I think it’s ok to take shortcuts and “illegal” choices here and there.

One thing that needs to be said about Oslo though, is that you are close to everything and that you can experience a lot in a short time.

The concept behind the series was just that; to show the diversity of environments and places you can visit in Oslo by bike. The trip photographed took less than three hours, and we managed to go swimming at Bygdøy, visit the Ekeberg museum, eat Indian food at Grønland, and check out the view over the city and a whole lot more.