Bodil Tilma - my Peugeot

Q&A with one of Oslos many cyclists.

Text: Mari Oshaug
Photos: Mari Oshaug

• What is your relationship with biking?
I’ve always biked quite a lot, but especially after I started my studies. Then it was my only way of transportation: to school, work, practice, nice trips, and also a way of exercise. In recent years the design of the bike and how well it works has become increasingly important to me. Mostly I bike every day.

• What are your thoughts on Oslo as a bicycle city?
It is nice to see that there is a focus on improving the conditions, because compared to Denmark the conditions are quite boring. Our entire bicycle culture is so far behind, both in terms of the bikers themselves, who tend to ride on sidewalks and red lights, and motorists who rarely look out for bikers at intersections and who think bicycle paths are for parking. I’ve experienced this first hand at Skøyen, where one car after another park in the cycle path and open their doors without looking out for bikers. Other than that the conditions are pretty good, but it won’t improve unless there is a change in attitude from the motorists. It should be easier for everyone to bike.

• What is your best tip for improving Oslo as a bicycle city?
More roads without motorists, wider bicycle lanes and more measures that improves bicycling. Only chaos is created when pedestrians and bikers are mixed.