Juice it up

Nutrition and riding go hand in hand, especially at CycleLab & JuiceBar in Shoreditch.

Text: Silje Strømmen Photos: Mike Dorner

Their best tips for staying hydrated before, during and after a trip is to drink plain water before a ride, mixing coconut water and normal water during the ride and to get juiced up on a recovery shake with carbs and protein in it (to help recover quickly) after a ride.

But their shop is not just frequented by hard-core riders looking for their daily fix. Here you’ll find the whole spectrum: commuters, racers, health enthusiast, vegans and builders. Why not try a ‘super green’ (one of their most popular juices) or an Acai smoothie while you wait for your bike to get fixed? It’s recommended!

The best smoothie recipe for a good recovery:

• One banana
• Handful of cashew nuts
• 1/3 handful of flax seeds
• Handful of almonds
• Scoop of protein
• Vanilla essence
• Almond milk
• Bit of ice to cool it down
• Blend and drink

CycleLab & JuiceBar,
16b-18a Pitfield St,
London, N1 6EY.