Here you can read stories from our Bikevibe issues, stories produced in between issues and see videos from some of our favorite features through out. Enjoy!

Video stories


Bikevibe London – The Production



  • Q&A Pedal Pedlar

  • The Hackney Peddler

  • Bikevibe London Pageview Hartley Cycles

  • Bikevibe London Pageview Look Mum No Hands

  • Bikevibe London Pageview Brooks B1866

  • Building a custom bike - Bikevibe x Oslovelo

  • Bikevibe Milan the Production

  • Bikevibe Milan Pageview

  • Bikevibe Milan Pageview
    Dario Pagoretti

  • Bikevibe Milan Pageview
    Francesco Moser Winery

  • Bikevibe Milan Pageview
    Fabrica Cycles

  • Bikevibe Portland
    The Production

  • Bikevibe Portland Pageview
    United Bicycle Institute

  • Bikevibe Portland Pageview
    The Athletic Community

  • Bikevibe Portland Pageview
    The Vanilla Workshop

  • Bikevibe Portland Pageview
    Walnut Studiolo



  • La Course by Le Tour de France

    Last Sunday the cyclists arrived in Paris for the finale stage of the 103rd Tour de France. We were there to experience the event up close and to get hands on with the cycling enthusiasts. The Tour holds an amazing history and they sure know how to put on a show, but it amazes me that there is still a difference between the women's and the men's race.

  • LadyGang

    In the early days the Lady Gang Facebook page declared “Bikes, feminism and gin for all.” Who could resist a tagline like that? Now a few months shy of it’s 2nd birthday and the Lady Gang has strong core group and almost 200 members - badass, empowered women.

  • To Travel

    With the not-so ideal cycling conditions of Norway in mind FARA Cycling aim to deliver products that are simple and work well no matter the season. Oh – and they want to change the way we buy bikes.

  • A day at: Stålstua

    The inner runnings of a bicycle workshop are as unique as the people who run them. Whether it is a one-man show or a collective effort: it takes heart and soul to get an independent shop up and running - and it takes passion to keep it running.

  • No pain, no gain

    Norway is blessed with some exceptional mountains, roads and slopes, and that is the subject of “Bakker og Berg”, a book detailing some 30 of Norway’s finest cycling experiences.

  • Who own the roads?

    Who own the roads? People do; not just people in cars. Carlton Reid, executive editor of devoted four years of his life to research and write the 170 000 words that make up his book “Roads Were Not Built for Cars”.

  • Norway’s worst

    Overuse of cars in Ålesund city centre is putting the city’s beautiful surroundings and unique architecture to shame. Luckily organisations such as art gallery KUBE are putting bikes on the agenda.

Bikevibe Portland

Volume three
Spring 2016

  • Portland the Production

    Vi Duc Truong is a filmphotographer from Oslo who followed us around while we made the Portland issue. In between he also got to snap some amazing still photos. This is Portland the production by Vi Duc Truong.

  • Exploring the new far north

    After experiencing overwhelming response for our second issue, Bikevibe Oslo, it was time to dive into a new city and its bicycle culture. We considered several different cities, but there was something about Portland.

  • Is this guy even real

    Good food, good rides, good coffee, good photography. Do you really need anything else in your life? Adam Kachman doesn’t think so.

  • Attention to details

    The Walnut, the leather and the bike: A story about the beauty of a handmade product.

Bikevibe Oslo

Volume two
Fall 2015

  • Jonas Strømberg

    Jonas Strømberg is not like you and me. He lives and breathes cycling: gets up at half past five in the morning to get an hour on the road before cycling his kid to kindergarten and himself to work where he, you guessed right, work with bikes.

  • Beer with Ernst

    Ernst [ern-st) Adjective used to express admiration when spotting a nice bike. Often shouted out loud while a group of bikers are riding fast down Oslo’s streets. Ernst is also the name of a bicycle club, located in Oslo.

  • Quality control

    As the first shop specializing in urban bikes in Oslo, Dapper Krankenhaus have had the freedom to pick brands from the top shelf. The admiration for good quality is present in everything they do.

  • Street View Gallery by Even Suseg

    The trip photographed took less than three hours, and we managed to go swimming at Bygdøy, visit the Ekeberg museum, eat Indian food at Grønland, and check out the view over the city and a whole lot more.

  • Welcome home!

    I don’t think you plan of becoming a pro cyclist as a kid. But like any passion, it grows on you and some how you end up doing it day in and day out. The simple joy and freedom of a wonderful bike ride.